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Who we are

We are ‘The Brand Cartel’. They call us the “Marketing Mafia”, for killer brands.

The Godfather trio who started this gang, still run it from their hide-out in Sandton. The ‘Technical’, ‘Design’, ‘PR’, ‘Social Media’, ‘Activations’ and ‘Brand Strategist’ teams work together to bury your brand’s competition.

We’ll hide the evidence, bribe the coppers, pimp your brand out and do whatever it takes to get your brand on top – we don’t mess around! We will take care of the cut-throat marketing underworld for you. We don’t just work with anyone...If your brand has the gumption we will grow it the mob of customers it deserves.

If you are ready to get serious, ‘The Brand Cartel’ will ensure that your brand gets VIP-access into all the right places, rubs shoulders with the right media and becomes the talk-of-the-town, ( and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg).

If you are ready to roll with us, then contact us and we’ll “take care of it”!



Our Services

Here is what we can promise you

We’re your one stop marketing shop! Whether you are looking to build a community around your brand or to spread the word about something awesome you’re up to, we have the tools and the team to make it happen.

Creating a community around your business, letting your target market learn more about you, let people identify with your brand and interact with you one-on-one and in real time.

  • Strategy formulation & campaign planning.
  • Professional content Design & Copywrite.
  • Community development through:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Google Plus
    • Pinterest
  • Conversation initiation.
  • Feedback management.
  • Interactive App development for Social Media Platforms

The online face of your company, when someone's looking for your product or service on the internet this is usually their first impression - better make it a good one!

  • Consultation & Advisory services.
  • Planning (together with you).
  • Website design according to your needs.
  • Content facilitation (imagery and copywrite).
  • Implementation and hosting services.

Having a site is all well and good but it needs to be kept fresh and relevant, it should tell the story of your brand where it is right now- not a year ago..

  • Search Engine Optimisation consulting.
  • SEO strategy formulation in line with your overall marketing strategy.
  • SEO overhaul of website.
  • Regular website update services.
  • Content spinning.
  • Website update management (in line with SEO strategy).
  • Blog Copywriting.

Reach the people looking for your product or service at the exact moment they’re looking for it. We make sure you get the maximum amount of qualified visitors to your site at a minimum cost (Tip: make sure you have someone ”manning” the phone).

  • Strategy Formulation
  • Online Campaign planning.
  • Advertisement Copywriting.
  • Banner Design.
  • Keyword & Placement research.
  • Campaign implementation and management.
  • Placement through Google Adwords Advertising network and our very own network of local sites.

People buy beauty. We help make brands and their messages beautiful- enough said.

  • Logo and Corporate Identity Design.
  • Design to print.
  • Advertisement design.
  • Legal image acquisition.
  • Product photography.
  • Event Photography.
  • Photo Shoots.
  • Flyers/ pamphlets
  • Business card designs (single and double sided)
  • posters
  • x frame and pull up banners
  • window vinyls
  • menus/ training manuals
  • short form catalogues/ brochures

You telling people your business is awesome is one thing. When a top level authority in your industry tells their readers that your business is awesome it's an entirely different story- our PR strategists bridge that gap for you.

  • Digital PR- Getting your brand featured in the best and most relevant blogs and online magazines.
  • Print PR: Editorials & stories about your brand in the most relevant glossy magazines.
  • Sponsorships & brand ambassador management.

You want to be in every newspaper, have your name up in lights on street poles, be on the radio and all the glossy magazines too?
Let us manage the process for you.
We will design the campaign in line with your golden thread then negotiate with all the platforms to get you the best possible deals (we've been consistently getting our clients discounts ranging from 30-80%  on their print advertising). That's money in (your) bank!

Like any great brand you probably have a couple of good reasons to celebrate. Let us help you make the day, night or week a success!

  • Promotional  events at the most premium venues in all the major South African cities.
  • Product promotions.
  • Gate crashes.
  • Brand launches.


Idea’s are our life blood- we live and breathe them.


On Trend

We keep two fingers on the pulse at all times. An asleep marketer is a dead marketer.



To your competition that is.



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If you have a killer brand and want mind blowing marketing to suit it, now you “know a guy” that can take care of it, give us a call you won’t be disappointed!

Contact Number: 011 027 4842

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